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About True Flavors

First-choice for catering in San Antonio. From private affairs to extravagant banquets, True Flavors Catering promotes the celebration of food. With the ability to create a tailored catering menu, True Flavors offers first-class catering services to meet the needs of your event while exceeding your highest expectations.

Roberto Gutierrez, Father of the Bride

[True Flavors] knows the value of family and how to put together a great event to make everyone feel special. From the planning phase to the execution of the wedding reception, the True Flavors staff was responsive, quick to make suggested changes, and brought in our special event on budget and with elegance. True Flavors expands on the culinary history or the region and executes with contemporary flair. Many thanks to Wendy and the entire staff.

Jen Busch, Production Manager

I would recommend True Flavors to all productions filming in the San Antonio area. The food was delicious with tons of variety to meet all our crews needs. The staff was friendly and always on time. True Flavors always went out of their way to make our cast and crew happy. This made the shoot that much more enjoyable so thanks again!

Cheryl Tyson, Bride 

Wendy was amazing and everyone was talking about how awesome the food was. I have never been to a wedding where I LOVED the food as it is not always the most important part. This was the best wedding food I have ever had (and I work in catering food for weddings.) Thank you, True Flavors and Wendy, for a wonderful wedding.

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Phone: 210.226.3670

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Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm. 

Main office
1719 N. Trinity, San Antonio, TX 78201 
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